Heini Aho & Sebastian Ziegler


It`s easy, it`s like breathing (2005)


Two plastic Teddy Bears are connected to each other with vacuum cleaner pipes and -turbines. The bears are inflating and deflating, when one is active the other one is passive, and the air will be transported from one bear to the other.


Heini Aho & Sebastian Ziegler


Heini Aho combines elements of sculpture, installation and the moving image into works addressing issues of space and perceptions of the environment. In her works, the analytical meets the intuitive, and the material meets the immaterial. Aho’s method is based on observing a concrete phenomenon and the law-like characteristics of the material. A subtly light-hearted tone typical of the artist is present in them; it may be a touch of humour, wonderment with an element of joie de vivre to it, or a surprising feeling of freedom before ordinary matters.


Sebastian Ziegler is an organiser, who is seeking to increase the surprise ability of himself and others. He graduated with a Diploma in fine Arts from the University of Arts Bremen 2006. Since then he has worked mainly with video and interactive sculptures. His interest lays in the everyday magic that surrounds us, as in the simple and common wonders of form and energy.