“When Alan Cameron-Winberg and Lisen Sundqvist first smashed their bass guitars together in november 2016 a unique soundscape was created in their hometown of Pietarsaari.. The twin bass driven music is backed up by sweet melodies and  contrasted with noisy rythms. Not genre specific, you´ll might be able to hear aspects of pop, rock, dance and noise in their performances.

Described as ‘site specific noisy noises for curious people to dance to’ their live performances feature strong visual elements encompassing  self made animation and public archive/test footage. The duo are joined onstage by a revolving cast of musicians, with Heli Kivistö regularly adding violin textures.
Audience participation is actively encouraged be it dance, voice or percussion.
UK/Scandinavia tour planned for autumn 2019 to coincide with the release of their debut ep. on  Limited vinyl and cd 12” Catch them while you can, and I challenge you not to dance!”

– Kristian Brunell

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