Electric vibes and contemporary innovations with Videokaffe


Videokaffe is a Nomadic art collective with artist workshops in multiple countries. We asked the members about their preparations for the upcoming festie.

Hello Videokaffe, a long time friend and collaborator for ILMIÖ! How are things at the moment? Are you excited for the upcoming festival day?

Videokaffe is doing good! We came back from the LA desert and next heading to the construction site in Nacka Stockholm. Things comes and goes, and we are looking forward to our great annual get together in Ilmiö!

How did you go about selecting your pieces for ILMIÖ? Was it a difficult process?

Videokaffe works really organically. Our works are located in the side wing of the Ravintola (also called ”Linnunsiipi”, ed.points.), and we chose intuitively four works that would work together. The process wasn’t difficult, quite opposite, very clear to us.

Did you have a common theme for the selected artworks within the group?

Well yes, actually “Ilmiö/ phenomena!!„

What are your top 3 favorites in this year’s programme, music and/or artwise?

Our TOP 3;
Kovaa Rasvaa
Heta Bilaletdin

Cool beans, looking forward to having you with us again! Check out Videokaffe’s works for this year on the art page.