Dynasty Handbag

Photo by Indra Dunis

In her video “VAT DO YOU VANT FOR BWEKFAS?” Dynasty Handbag battles an unrelenting barrage of breakfast foods, reminding us that today’s choices prepare us for having no future choices.

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Jibz Cameron is a performance/video artist and actor living in Los Angeles. Her multi-media performance work as alter ego Dynasty Handbag has spanned 15 years and been presented at such institutions as MOCALA, PS1, Joe’s Pub, The Kitchen, REDCAT, The Broad Museum, Hammer Museum, New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, among others. She has been heralded by the New York Times as “the funniest and most pitch perfect performance seen in years” and “outrageously smart, grotesque and innovative” by The New Yorker. She has written and produced 7 evening length performance pieces and countless short works that have been performed in clubs and venues internationally. She has produced multiple video works and 2 albums of original music. In addition to her work as Dynasty Handbag she has also been seen acting in films, theatre and television (internet web series no one has seen). She works as a professor of performance and comedy related subjects as well as lecturing and teaching workshops. Jibz also produces and hosts Weirdo Night!, a monthly comedy and performance event in Los Angeles.

Video Credits

Written & Performed by Jibz Cameron
Directed by Mariah Garnett & Jibz Cameron
Produced by Amanda Verwey & Judy on Duty Productions & JASH Network
Camera by Mariah Garnett
Edit and Animation by Josef Kraska
Lighting by Conci Althouse
Music by Rich Witt Villareal
Production Assistance by Natalie Casagran Lopez and Jess Scott